KYNY Limited

Ky Ny Apartment is built and designed for customer's comfortable, affordable and pleasant stay.

The Apartment is suitable for all kinds of travelers. The Apartment provides utilities such as Televisions, Beds, Furniture, Cookers, air-conditioners and refrigerators etc., and services such as Free Cable TV, Free Wi-Fi Internet throughout the building.

The Apartment is located adjacent to the Tonle Sap, Mekong River and the tourist landmarks such as Watt Phnom, National Museum, Royal Palace, and Independence Monument.

Our Mission

To serve and provide our value customers with quality rental communities at competitive rates with an emphasis on complete customer satisfaction. We will realize the mission by setting the highest standards in trustworthiness, competence, protection, and integrity.

Our Vision

To become customers "premier" and most respected rental communities in Cambodia and serve our value customers' need for an affordable, quality, well-kept apartment.

Our Goal

To accomplish our value customer satisfaction.